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In today’s world of information sharing, there is always the question ‘how much research did the author do before they published this information’?

Author?  Well yes!  Each person who creates a piece of text for someone else to read, listen to, or watch is an author.

Whether you are writing a novel, a cookbook, a poem, a film or theatre script, an article, software program, multimedia, hypertext, help text, training material, or even a blog; you will be considered the author.

Business writing sometimes is seen in a different light as there maybe more than one person who has contributed to the writing; but in the same way each person who has contributed could be seen to be the co-author of the paper.

Educational writing?  You are the author of all the papers that you write as part of your education.

An author is not a compiler, a translator, an editor, a copyist, or a copywriter.  An author is simply someone who commits their thoughts to paper (actual or electronically) for others to read.

Going back to research!
Should you do any research?
How much research should you do?
Should you just write from the heart?
The answer to these questions
is that the research you do
will depend upon the reason you are writing.

If you are writing a novel that has no ‘technical’ information in it, then yes you can just write from the heart; although when you read about the months of detailed research Arthur Hailey did it does make you wonder – should you do some research?  Whereas if you are writing training material, then you will need to have done some previous learning, gained experience, and researched the topic.  So the levels of research will be different.

Successful Research will take you step-by-step through a success research process to create your own level of information you require for your writing.

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