After many discussions and real hard talks, we decided that really we didn’t want to be away from Europe.  Although my family live in the Southern Hemisphere – Australia and Southern Africa – John’s family mainly lived in Europe.  My business was all based around Europe, with one or two clients further afield.  Although a very hard decision, and after many, many years of researching Australia and the southern hemisphere, we found ourselves understanding that although we wanted to move out of the UK – we may not have to move that far away to get the life we wanted to live.

So back to our research …

Cyprus – this was our first point of research.  I have many friends from the southern hemisphere who have moved here.  John wasn’t so keen.  So we looked at Cyprus, but did say ‘no’ after several hours of research.

Malta – part of the reason we visited Malta in 2007 was to understand if we could live there.  We have a number of friends who have visited the island and can’t wait to move.  As with every decision that you take, this was a personal decision for us, and although we had a fabulous holiday there – loved our trips to Gozo and the clearness of the water – we very quickly decided that it was not for us on a permanent basis.

Sardinia – although John’s family originated in northern Italy, our research didn’t encourage us to go and visit Sardinia.  Part of the reason was the distance of travel Sardinia is from mainland Europe …the ferry journey’s (if you wanted to drive) were very long!

Corsica and Sicily – although we spent a lot more time (many, many weeks) researching Sicily mainly and the distance from mainland Europe wasn’t so far, our research eventually showed that it wasn’t a destination for us.  We did look into travelling there to understand exactly what Sicily and Corsica had to offer and will do so in the future.

Back to the internet to do our research!

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