The last week has been a very interesting experience.  On our return from New Years Eve in Wales, where we celebrated our achievements in 2009 and the start of 2010 with friends, we left on very snowy roads and returned to Kent, still on very snowy roads.  The Sunday we returned saw the start of the winter we were to experience this week.

Today, a week later, we are still ‘snowed in’.  It’s interesting as one of the reasons for our move back to the sub-tropics was to ensure that we could spend a lot of time out doors, but here we were being forced by the weather to stay in-doors.  The South East of England is not the best place to live when it snows, as we are not prepared for the unusual weather – airports close, planes are delayed and/or cancelled; railways battle, trains are delayed and/or cancelled; and roads become impassable.

Now we are suffering from ‘Cabin Fever!’
Snow experiences

I received an email from a friend … extracts-from-the-diary-of-a-man-from-kent …having sent it to a range of friends, the responses have agreed with the sentiments.  My only change to this is changing ‘Australia’ to ‘Madeira’ – and if only I could rely on planes flying in the direction I would be on one now.

This week has really highlighted one of our reasons for wanting to move away from the South East of England.  The frustrations that come with cabin fever show how much we are now missing the opportunities to get out and about.  Yes we can go out now, but it is with risk as the roads and pavements are very slippery and unsafe.  This frustration is added to, by the experiences and knowledge that in other countries this type of weather does not bring everything to a standstill.

Roll on next winter when we will be in Madeira and experiencing their winter for the first time!

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