Knowing the requirements to move to Australia, we looked at New Zealand, we looked at the islands around Australia and New Zealand.  Although this research took months, once we had completed it – we knew we were ready to make our decision.

Now that we knew the reason we were looking at Australia and the countries close by, we had to ask ourselves that very difficult question … was our reason to move to Australia the right reason?

Was the grass ‘just greener on the other side of the world?’  We looked at what we were giving up.  We looked at what we had to start or was it re-start?

After five years of research, studying, flying, visiting, exhibitions, conferences, we had to admit that the reasons we were looking to move to Australia were not the right reasons.  We could fly to Australia at any time we wanted, but we had to admit that it wasn’t our choice to move away from Europe or Africa; and that in selecting Australia we were selecting to follow, we were just following the decisions others had made.

It wasn’t a comfortable time or happy time in our lives, but just knowing that we had made this decision helped us move our emigration plans forward.  We still knew that we wanted to move away from where we are living now.  What we didn’t know, was where to.

We seemed to have spent our married life travelling – both of us had travelled extensively for work.  When I started by own business it was to find a career that would allow me to ‘live from home’.  When I re-trained (as a coach) and changed the focus of my own business to coaching, I suddenly realised that I could work from anywhere.  Our opportunity to work from home and live where we wanted to live, suddenly became a reality.  Living in the UK was fabulous for the time when our careers had us travelling around the world, but we knew that this was not the life we wanted to continue to live … so now started the fun – where to?

As part of our decision not to move to Australia, we not only had to tell my family, but also knew that we had to get the map out and start looking.  Our reasons for wanting to move were still valid and now very clear.  To start looking for our own destination, we went out and bought a world map that we could hang on the wall of the office.

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