One of our desires was to live in a country where the weather was reasonable – we wanted to be able to plan outdoor activites – BBQ, sight seeing, visiting friends, swimming, sailing, to name just a few!

In my business travels I had, had the opportunity to visit San Diego in California a number of times – both in winter and in summer.  My knowledge (very limited), my contacts (reducing over the years), and my research led me to think that this area of the world may just be what we were looking for.

Yes, out came the laptops – on went the research and we came upon Mexico!  At the time of our research, we were watching a number of programs on TV about buying property across the world.  We turned on the TV on evening and the program that evening was about a couple who were looking to buy a property in Mexico – our interest was raised and we watched with note pads at the ready to capture our own thoughts!  What we saw heightened our interest, so we carried on with our research.

After a couple of months we were talking about our move and one of the concerns we now had was how far away we were from everyone!  Family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances – it didn’t matter who they were we really were looking to move away.  This didn’t feel comfortable, so we stopped our research and decided that we would not visit Mexico at the moment (although we will one day, just to see what we could have moved to).

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