All too often we speak to just fill the space with sound because we feel uncomfortable in the silence.  We might turn on the TV, the stereo, the ipod, the walkman just to fill the space around us.

When you are thinking about your move or wanting to move, how can you really think through this whole question with a lot of noise around you.  Is this not the right time to find that silence?

Only in this silence can you really hear your own thoughts, your own concerns, your own fears, your own intuition.  Now is your opportunity to find that one place that you can be quiet, that one place that no-one will disturb you, that one place where you can just be quiet.  Once you’ve found this place, this is the time to switch everyone thing off – no phone, no mobile/cell, no stereo, no ipod, no walkman, no TV, no sound.  The first time you do this the sound will be ‘deafening’ … and be very uncomfortable; but persevere.

Sit there and just listen to what you can hear – your own breathing, the penwriting on the paper, the sound of the waves hitting the beach, the wind in the air – whatever the sound is, what can you really hear?

Once you’ve started to hear the world around you, what else can you hear?  Being really silent will allow you to hear your own thoughts.  What thoughts are going through your mind?  What answers are you hearing?  What questions are you asking?  What fears are being raised?

Whatever the thoughts are, this is your own opportunity to truly start to listen to your own thoughts without having them impacted by the thoughts, feeling, emotions of others.  Now is your opportunity to start to ask yourself the questions that you want answers to – what is the reason that you want to move?  What is the reason that you want to make this change?  What is the reason that you want to change your environment?  Don’t worry about looking for the answers, just jot down the questions as you ask them and the answers will come.

As you start to get used to silence, used to being on your own and listening to your own thoughts – you’ll find that the answers to the questions you’ve been asking will come.

If you wish to discuss how to do this, just email me.  I look forward to hearing how this has helped you make your decision(s)!

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