After talking to our agents and working through what type of visa we could emigrate with, we sat down with a real feeling that we could do this.  We now knew exactly what we had to do.

Then we looked at the reasons we were selecting to move specifically to Australia.  We looked at what we wanted from our lives, and we looked at the business I have set-up in the UK.  How were we going to make this move?

When we followed the questions in tip two, we understood the real reason we were looking to move to Australia.  This was to allow us to live closer to my parents, and my brother and his family.

We then asked ourselves if this was the right reason to uproot ourselves from the life we had in the UK to move to Australia.  What impact did this have on what we already had in the UK?  What were we ready to give up?  How easy is it to fly to Australia?

We looked at the work we had to do to fulfil the visa requirements.  We looked closely at the impact it would have on my business and our income stream.  We looked at, within the visa requirements, what changes we had to make to our business plans.  We researched the changes we needed to make to our business plan.  We looked closely at the simplicity of flying to Australia. We looked at our reasons.

We asked ourselves if Australia and our reasons for moving there specifically, met the reasons we wanted to move away from the UK.  We had a long discussion and we made our decision.

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