Since selling the UK house in February, 2010 I’ve been living in what feels like whirlpool.  Over the next few weeks I’ll expand on what has happened – positive and negative; but the real unexpected surprise was an award that was delivered just before I left the UK.

Cambridge Who’s Who has ‘recognised me as the 2010 Professional of the Year representing the Relocation & Expat Coaching Industry’.

I arrived at the post office to collect the post on the day before I left the UK and collected this box.  Although it said ‘glass’ and ‘fragile’, I hadn’t got the time to open it – so found a safe place for it in the car and drove off.

After a week of travelling through Europe and across the high seas to Madeira, I drove off the ferry and onto the island on Monday evening.  I arrived in the office on Tuesday morning and opened the box – imagine my surprise.

Recognition is always a fabulous thing, but often with recognition the recipient doesn’t acknowledge it.  We always say thank you, put it away, and move on.  In the world of coaching as a coach we always try to work with our clients to ensure that they recognise their own achievements and as part of this, the awards that they might have received.  So I decided, rather than putting this award back in it’s box (as I’ve done in the past) I would hang it on the office wall … !

What achievements have you not recognised?  What awards have you received and put back in the box?  Take a moment out and write them down … once you’ve done that what can you do to recognise your own achievements?

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