Over the years I’ve come across a number of reasons why people ‘move abroad’.  What-ever the reason that you’ve selected to move away from your own country of residence the emigration process is not always a simple one.

What is the reason that you are looking for move away from where you are living now?

  1. company move – the company you are working for has requested that you move to another office where the office that they would like you to move to is not in the same country in which you are living and working now.
  2. job move – you’ve seen and applied for a job that is not in the same country in which you are living and working now.
  3. career move – to enhance your CV, to take you up another step on your career ladder, you apply for a job that is not in the same country in which you are living or working now.
  4. career challenges – to provide you with the opportunity to experience a completely different type of career.  One where you live at home during the week-end, but live in different countries during the week.  For example, airline staff, IT consultants, engineers.
  5. moving your own company – opportunities are opening up for you away from where you are now living, so you select to move your own company to a place where you can take advantage of these opportunities.
  6. family history – your ancentory is from another part of the world.  For example you will know of South Africans, Australians, New Zealanders who are living in Europe.  They’ve moved away from their country of birth or citizenship to experience and understand their own personal family history.
  7. closer to family – this provides you with the opportunity to follow members of your immediate or distant family who have moved away.
  8. retirement – where you ‘looking for a better way of life’.  This can be driven by health, wealth, hobbies, interests, a whole variety of reasons.
  9. a more holistic way of life – you move to ‘get out of the rat race’.  In this you often feel ‘stuck in a rut’ and are looking for a completely different way of life.
  10. back to your roots – your parents emigrated and you’ve now selected to return to the country of your birth.
  11. let me know if there is another reason …

Emigration is always thought to be where you ‘withdraw from the residence in one’s native country’; but the challenges, trials, problems encountered by those emigrating can also apply to those moving from one area of their own country to another i.e. Aberdeen to London; New York to San Francisco.

Whatever your reason for moving away from where you are now, ask yourself ‘does the grass look greener on the other side’? Looking at the questions in hint and tips two … what are you moving away from?  What are you looking for?  What’s driving you to make this move?

Looking at all the questions in the hints and tips section of the blog, whatever the reason you have selected to move away from where you are living now – only you will know whether you are making the right of decision.

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