Our desire to leave the UK was still high … so we now had the sit down and think about where we really wanted to go! Out came the world map and we pinned it on the wall. So where next?

We looked at what we wanted from life … we wrote lists … we jotted ideas down.  We started to think about which countries met our requirements.

We knew someone who had emigrated to Thailand.  A client of mine was in the process of buying a property in Thailand – so we looked.  One of the draws to Thailand for us, was that it was half-way (reasonably) between Europe and Australia.  We still want to be able to visit both families.

We spent many hours on the internet (a great resource for information, but very time consuming) researching Thailand.  We got out our photographs and our journals from the times we had visited Thailand.

After about a month of independant research, we sat down over a glass of wine and started to discuss what we had found – what our research had uncovered.  We looked at Thailand from all aspects.

We started by reviewing what we wanted from our emigration plans and Thailand seemed to meet most of our requirements – as high as 90%!  We knew that we would need to ‘start again’ with building our social life and we looked at ways in which we could do this.  We looked at running a business in Thailand and although there are restrictions, we felt that we could meet these.  We looked at purchasing property and this was the one thing that stopped us in our tracks!  Although we fully understood the reasons for the local property ownership legislation, we felt that we could be investing in leasehold property with no asset at the end of a reasonably short leasehold.  We reviewed our own financial situation – selling the house, our investments, pensions, etc. – and knew that we did not want to put ourselves in this type of financial position.

So back to the map …

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