A typical Board is made up of a combination of Executive and Non-Executive Directors; who bring not only day-to-day running of the business to the Board Meetings but also external, outside, or independant experience to these meetings.

Simply, an Executive Director is someone who has day-to-day responsibilities within the company; whereas a Non-Executive Director, while still a member of a company’s board of directors, is someone who is not part of the executive team, and typically does not engage in the day-to-day running or management of the organisation.

While both Executive Directors and Non-Executive Directors are highly responsible board-level roles in a company, the Non-Executive Director is usually more involved in future planning, policy making, and goal setting; and are expected to monitor and challenge the performance of the Executive Directors and management.  Sometimes a Non-Executive Director may be called upon to lend prestige to the firm due to his or her standing in the community.

Generally Non-Executive Directors are held equally liable as the Executive Directors under certain statutory legislation.


As an experienced Executive based in Scotland, with global experience in Programme and Project Management focused on the financial side of the business, Barbara is looking for new opportunities to support, motivate, and contribute to small and medium sized companies.

Barbara is a highly strategic, analytical, collaborative, intuitive, and inspirational motivator, with a passion for professional and organisational development.  Her international experience spans over 30 years of working with individuals, teams of people, goals, aspirations, dreams, desires, and successful outcomes in various Programme Management, Project Management, Consultancy roles; and more recently as an award winning Coach, Mentor, Facilitator, Professional Development Trainer, and sought after International Speaker.

Barbara’s career has given her an experience of international business practice, different cultures, and personal and organisational progress; which has been gained while both living and working nationally and internationally, and through working in a wide range of industries.

Barbara’s passion in life is to ensure that her clients, colleagues, family, and friends become the best they can in all aspects of their lives. She is an advocate of achieving!

Barbara is looking to work with organisations, which can benefit from her extensive background and experience, with a keen insight into the demands of organisational and professional development, while balancing the organisational with the professional and personal. Barbara’s style of working makes the possibility of sustainable change, compelling, exciting, and achievable.