Amarantine Issue 7

When setting your goals,
did you reflect on the past? 

Ruby McGuire (Scotland), Barbara J. Cormack (France), plus one author retaining their anonymity

Edited by:
Denny Portier-Terpstra

In the Western world, this time of the year is typically used to reflect on the year past and set goals for the year ahead.

Reflection is key to this process, as it helps us celebrate our successes, embed our key learnings, and take our development and goals to the next level.

Therefore, in this issue of Amarantine, we focus on reflection!




  • How to be 100% authentic (its time to own your dark side)
    Ruby McGuire (Scotland)
  • Do I deserve a better life?
    (this author has retained their anonymity)
  • The Gift of Reflection
    Bettina Pickering (England)


  • A Time for Reflection
    Step-by-Step Series
    Barbara J. Cormack (Scotland)
  • Knowing the numbers, helps you create your Perfect Life
    The Numbers speak for Themselves
    Barbara J. Cormack (Scotland)

Regular Features:

  • Denny’s Deliberations
    Denny Portier-Terpstra (The Netherlands)
  • Focus… ?
    Question Everything
  • Thought Provoking Quotes
  • Recommended Reading


  • Reflecting on the structure of the human language!
    Newest Trends
  • Why reflection is so important
  • Meditation
    Self Care
  • Reflection on your future … what value do you put on your jar of marbles?
    Top Tips
  • Habits!
    Take Action!
  • Language is more than the words spoken!
    Tools, Techniques, Models