Soul Searching

Amarantine Issue 2

Find your answers to your
personal and professional dilemmas or challenges. 

Bettina Pickering (England), Norwyn Kam (South Africa), Steve Rogers (South Africa), Dr. Charuni Senanayake (Sri Lanka),  Alyson Daley (England), Jenny Schmal (South Africa), Barbara J. Cormack (France), Loren Schmal (South Africa) 

Edited by:
Denny Portier-Terpstra

As we move through life, we will encounter bigger and smaller dilemmas and challenges; and it isn’t always that easy to know what’s best for us when we need to make a choice or decision when faced with those.

This issue of Amarantine will help you understand how you can come up with the right answers with the help of Soul Searching and why those answers won’t be wrong. This issue will inspire you to find your answers!

Amarantine is dedicated to providing the best source of information, whether you have a personal goal or a professional goal, Amarantine will answer the questions you ask in an inspirational manner that helps you take the next step to achieve your own personal and professional aspirations.




  • Dark Night(s) of the Soul
    Bettina Pickering (England)
  • Meet the Capital of the Directionless Ship
    Norwyn Kam (South Africa)
  • No-one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun
    Steve Rogers (South Africa)
  • Soul Searching helps you live your BEST life… don’t be afraid!
    Dr. Charuni Senanayake (Sri Lanka)
  • Soul Searching: is this something we all do?
    Alyson Daley (England)
  • Soul Searching – Mythical Experience
    Jenny Schmal (South Africa)


  • Your Soul Searching Wheel
    Step-by-Step Series
    Barbara J. Cormack (France)
  • An introduction to Numerology
    It’s all in the Numbers Series
    Loren Schmal (South Africa)
  • The number “7”
    It’s all in the Numbers Series
    Loren Schmal (South Africa)

Regular Features:

  • Denny’s Deliberations
    Denny Portier-Terpstra (The Netherlands)
  • Get Your Questions Answered
    Question Everything
  • Thought Provoking Quotes
  • Recommended Reading


  • Soul Searching
  • Exercise Your Soul
    Take Action!
  • Stop Thinking, Start Doing!
    Tips and Tricks
  • An Introduction
    Tools, Techniques, Models

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