Your Journey
Step-by-Step Series

Optional? (Amarantine Issue 1)

Written by:
Barbara J. Cormack

Personal and Professional Development are inextricably linked.  Whether you are learning something new for a personal reason or as part of your career and professional life, the core to the learning journey is YOU!

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    I am a real person.

    Awaken and Empower your Sixth Sense for great success in all things.
    Eugene N. Nwosu (Ireland)

    Personal Development saved my Life.
    Curly Martin (England)

    Burden/Chore or? Continuous Personal Development
    Bettina Pickering (England)

    An Option? or a Must?
    Dr. Charuni Senanayake (Sri Lanka)

    Personal Growth – Pleasure or Pain
    Jenny Schmal (South Africa)

    Is Personal Development Optional?
    Steve Rogers (South Africa)

    Your Journey
    Step-by-Step Series
    Barbara J. Cormack (France)

    Denny’s Deliberations
    Denny Portier-Terpstra (The Netherlands)

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