Published in Issue 9 (January, 2015) of International Coaching News magazine

Coaching is a people industry and it’s true when they say that ‘people buy from people’.

Not only being involved in gathering research material about business; I work with a number of small businesses and I run lectures for people who either want to start their own business or want to grow their business.  This involvement has shown me that often a business is started without clarity.  Research shows that businesses start for a very specific reason but often the person starting it doesn’t understand the steps it will take to run and be involved in a successful business.

Yes, each business must make a profit and that is a different topic; but in making a profit one of the reasons that each person starts their own business is to be their own manager, design their own business strategy, and have a level of income that allows them to live the life they choose.  How do you get to that level of income?

issue-9-01There are various different roles within a business and being a successful sales person is just one of those roles.  Research shows that often people starting their own business wait for the clients to arrive, but in waiting their money runs out and they have to return to employment.

Marketing and selling are both huge topics and this issue of ICN will give you a range of great ideas, hints, and tips on sales techniques.  So let’s take one small area of sales.  Your clients.

What clients do you want to work with?  Initially when you start the business you may feel that you need to work with everyone who wants a coach, but do you?  Truly the answer is ‘no’!

What drives you to select to work with everyone is the fear of no income or not enough income.

‘Success is a state of mind.
If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success.’
Dr. Joyce Brothers

issue-9-02Getting absolutely clear about the type of people you want to work with is your first step.  If you select a niche market that means you will be working with a specific type of person, ask yourself ‘is this the type of person that I want to coach?’  If the answer is ‘no’, then think about your niche market.  If the answer is ‘yes’, then continue to clarify within that niche market the exact type of person that you want to work with – get specific!  I want to work with Project Managers gives you a huge target audience, but do you really want to coach any type of Project Manager?  If that was me, the answer would be ‘no’.  Getting specific means that I want to coach Oracle Financials IT Project Managers.  Although this reduces my target market, it gives me a group of people that I can target who I really do want to support through coaching.  Get absolutely specific about the type of people you want to coach within your niche market.

‘The best way to predict the future is to create it.’
Abraham Lincoln

Without realising it as you become more clear about the type of person you want to coach within your niche market, the Law of Attraction will be working with you.  The Law of Attraction is simply a Universal Law which can be defined as ‘you get what you think about’ or ‘like attracts like’ or ‘you attract into your life whatever you focus on’ or ‘positive thoughts attract positive events, and negative thoughts attract negative events’.

The Law of Attraction attracts to you everything you think about, all the ideas you have (positive and negative), the people you want in your life, the situations you believe should be part of your life, and any circumstances that you build through thought.  When you look at the world around you it’s the Law of Attraction that brings people together who have similar interests – for example sports fans.  It works the same in business – you will attract towards you the people you think about in your mind – people who think like you, people who relate to your situation or circumstances; people who have ideas of a similar kind.

Can you take advantage of this Law of Attraction to build your client base?  Yes you can!

“If you’re thinking of debt,
that’s what you’re going to attract.”
Bob Proctor

  1. Visualise your ideal client. Visualisation is simply a mental technique that allows you to use your imagination to create in your own mind your ideal client.  What do they look like?  What do they sound like?  What type of topics do they want to work with?  How successful do they want to be?  How do they want to be coached?  How much will you charge them?  You must get absolutely clear in your mind so that when you visualise them you can actually have the coaching conversation that means to you, that you are working with your ideal client.
  2. Once you have created your ideal client in your visualisation, create a commercial visualisation where you see this client paying you for your coaching service without you having to ask for the money. Yes you will need to talk to your ideal client about your fees.  Yes you will need to raise an invoice.  The ideal client should always pay your fees without you having to worry about them.  Remember the Law of Attraction will bring towards you the client you define in your visualisation – so if you define an ideal client who has problems paying you, you will get a client who has problems paying you.
  3. issue-9-03The next visualisation you will create is one where you see yourself coaching your client. You will hear the coaching conversation.  How you ask?  Remember that you are attracting towards you the clients who want to be coached in your niche market and through the type of topics you visualised in step one.  Select one of the topics.  Visualise this coaching conversation.
  4. You have now created your ideal client, created the payment process for your ideal client, and created the ideal client coaching conversation in your mind. Capture all this information in your journal.  Capture it in any way you feel will bring this back to your mind with the same level of detail as your original visualisations – in writing, through pictures, by sketching or drawing or painting.  However works for you.
  5. Now create your affirmation. Affirmations are simply positive statements that describe your ideal client.  Watch the words that you use in your affirmation – any negative words will bring a negative result.  As you create these words you must believe them.  ‘I think I can have this type of client’ is not a positive statement.  ‘My client is …’ is the basis of a positive statement.
  6. Once you have your positive statement, write it down where you will see it frequently during the day. Repeat your statement often.  After a period of time you will find that you can repeat your affirmation without looking at it.  You will then know that your statement is successfully stored in your subconscious mind.     
    If you do not believe you will find your ideal client or you don’t believe your statement, you will save this negativity with your affirmation.
  7. Remembering that the Law of Attraction will bring towards you what you desire, this process will allow your subconscious mind to take action and start to look for and find those people you have defined as your ideal client.

You simply must Decide what it is you want…..
Ask, believing that you will receive it…. and then
Open up and gratefully receive it.
Bob Proctor


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of self-discovery and achievement!
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