Published in Issue 13  (March, 2016) of International Coaching News magazine

Holistic Coaching is about being aware of the client’s whole being.  As a spiritual coach this means being aware of the client’s whole life as well as their mind, their body, and their spirit. 

The word holistic comes from the word holism which in turn comes from the word holos meaning entire and complete.  Although the word holistic may have a different meaning for everyone, the underlying meaning will always remain as ‘complete’ or ‘whole’.

Coaches naturally focus on the whole of the client.  Generally a coaching relationship will start with the Wheel of Life.  The Wheel of Life exercise allows the client and the coach to truly understand exactly where the client is in their life today.  The Wheel of Life looks at not only the client but also those people who impact the client’s life – parents, significant other, children, grand-children, siblings, cousins, friends, colleagues and acquaintances.  By allowing the client to truly understand where they are in their own and whole life, gives the client the time and opportunity to connect and become self-aware of their inner-self.

It’s very easy as a coach to work with the client and focus on just one element of their life – their current goal; but as a Holistic Coach you know that the client is not just one element.  They do not live a parent life, a work life, a family life, a healthy life, or even a wealthy life – they live LIFE!

lifeIf you are working with the client on their single goal, how do you as a Holistic Coach, work with the client’s whole life?

Initially it is straight forward as you work with the client to understand where they are in their life today.  You use the Wheel of Life and identify the areas of their life that are important to them.  You work with them to understand the balance of their life at that moment.  You understand what they want to focus on to change their life – their dream, their aspiration, their goal.  This is often in only one area of their life.  You then start to work with them to achieve their goal.  It’s here that it becomes very easy to focus on only one area of the client’s life and to stop thinking about and understanding the impact or changes happening in other areas of the client’s life.

Each one of us is distracted by everyday living!  We all live a busy lifestyle and often trying to bring change into that busy life isn’t always easy; and bringing in that change may add to the stress that the client is feeling, at least initially. 

Clients come to a coach to gain support to make a change that often they have already been trying to implement without success.  They need someone who is able to support them in everything that they want to do, without judgement.  They want someone who will encourage and motivate them.  They also want someone who will help them reduce the stress they often feel, allow them to feel that they have some freedom and are not living that busy, no time available lifestyle.  Coaches provide a safe-haven for clients and in doing so give the client the opportunities that their life today is not giving them.

Clients who want to change a major element of their life – career, personal situation, responsibilities to others – often feel trapped by the expectations that they and others put on them.

Selecting to work as a Coach gives you the opportunity to help your client make the change or changes they want to make, but working as a Holistic Coach gives you the opportunity to provide your client with additional support.  holisticYou are the one person that they can share everything with, so you are the one person who can ask the difficult questions about how the change they are implementing is impacting their whole, balanced, and holistic life.

Holistic living isn’t easy.  Every day throws more challenges which makes Holistic Coaching important.

Holistic Coaching helps the client move from where they are today to living a well and balanced life that includes the change or changes they want to implement.  By taking time to help the client understand the change(s) that the client makes through every coaching session and how these changes impact the rest of their life, is one step at a time towards helping the client life a well and balanced life.         

Be Brave!  Help your client to select the life that they have imagined that they could live.  Help them live holistically!

Living a holistically whole life that you aspire to
is a journey of self-discovery and achievement!

© Barbara J. Cormack

© 2016 Barbara J. Cormack.  All Rights Reserved.