Published in Issue 6  (February, 2014) of International Coaching News magazine

‘‘If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”
Henry Ford (1863 – 1947)

Everyone is entitled to happiness, health, wealth, love, friendship, true expression, and peace of mind; but many don’t achieve the things they dream they’d like in their life.  ‘Really?’ I hear you ask.  Absolutely! – something I have not only experienced, but also truly believe.  ‘But how?’

Universal Communication is simply all about how you communicate using your mind!  There are a number of definitions of what your mind is; but really it is the ‘totality of conscious and unconscious mental processes and activities’; in other words that element or part of you that reasons, thinks, feels, wills, perceives, judges, etc.; and acts. 

So let’s explore …!  Let’s reveal the wonderful world of power within yourself; of your possibilities and promise. 

Your Conscious Mind is the part of you that thinks and reasons; it selects or rejects ideas; it selects or rejects thoughts; it chooses what you want to think about; it chooses what you want to make decisions about; and it makes your decisions.  In other words, your conscious mind will often determine the path that your life will take.

‘You become what you think about.’
Earl Nightingale (1921 – 1989)

All your successes, your pain, your pleasure, or your limitations, come from what you are thinking about in your conscious mind.  Your five senses (hear, see, smell, taste, and touch) are experiences in your conscious mind; which in turn are processed as thoughts.

Everything begins with a thought, but where do these thoughts come from?  Sometimes from a conversation with others!  Sometimes from research that you are doing.  Sometimes from books you’ve been reading, a film you’ve been watching, or a website you’ve seen.  Sometimes they just appear! 

Your Unconscious Mind is known as your power centre; and it functions at every level of your being and within every cell of your body.  Your unconscious mind has no ability to reject your conscious thoughts – it has to accept them.  Your unconscious mind stores all your thoughts in an orderly manner and in just the same way that your computer stores your computer files – it stores exactly what your conscious mind is thinking.  More importantly though, your thoughts are expressed through everything that you do (in your actions), in everything you express (in your words) and in everything that you feel (in your emotions and feelings).  Your unconscious mind knows no limits. 

image-1So how is this part of Universal Communication or what I call the Universal Thought Process?  What you consciously choose to think gets stored in your unconscious mind exactly as you thought it.  So if you think ‘I can’t do this’, this thought becomes fixed in your unconscious mind and uses what you’ve stored in how you act (your actions), in everything you express (your words) and in everything that you feel (your emotions and feelings). 

‘We tend to live up to our expectations’
Earl Nightingale (1921 – 1989)

Over time the thoughts that you store in your unconscious mind become habits.  Habits you continue to express in the words you use, your actions and through your thoughts, without any conscious assistance. 

Your Body is the part of you that you are more consciously aware of and is merely an instrument of your mind.  Your body is moved into action through the thoughts that you are thinking, or the habits that you’ve created, or through the thoughts stored in your unconscious mind.  Actions taken by your body could either be physical or verbal or emotional.  One important point to remember is that the actions you select to take, determine your results.

The phrase ‘Mind, Body, Spirit’ is one that relates to your Universal Thought Process; in that your mind relates to your conscious mind, your spirit to your unconscious mind; and your body to your body.  One of the secrets of achieving happiness, health, wealth, love, friendship, true expression, peace of mind, and everything else that you dream of in your life, is that these three elements of YOU must be working together and working in harmony. 

‘The mind moves in the direction of our currently dominant thoughts’. 
Earl Nightingale (1921 – 1989)

The Universal Thought Process is a major component of the Law of Attraction; and although there are many definitions of the Law of Attraction, it really means that you get what you focus your thoughts onto and into.  Your Universal Thought Process is a combination of your communication with yourself, with those around you and in turn with the universe.  It’s one of the components of the Law of Attraction in how you attract your dream life to you! 

It has been said that everything you want in your life will be given to you or achieved through your unconscious mind.  As you’ve read in this article, your unconscious mind stores everything you think consciously – your thoughts, your ideas, your ‘I can do’, and your ‘I can’t do’. 

Your own Universal Thought Process comes from understanding how your mind (conscious), your body, and your spirit (unconscious mind) work together.  It comes from becoming aware of how you are unconsciously communicating with yourself, those around you and with the Universe.  But how?

If today you were asked to climb to the summit of Kilimanjaro tomorrow, according to research and my experience of working as a coach, your immediate thought would be ‘I can’t do that!’  Your conscious mind is hearing what your unconscious mind is telling it.  Unknowingly you have created a habit of ‘no’ and set your own expectations.  What would happen if you were to think ‘OK, although I’m not in Tanzania and I’m very unfit, I can do this; just maybe not tomorrow’?

What’s the reason someone may ask you to climb Kilimanjaro?  What secret desire have you got?  What programme have you watched, article you’ve read, or story you’ve heard that has triggered a desire to do something different.  How have you been thinking about this? 

Often you are asked something that triggers a deep down desire that you may not have shared with anyone.  You’ve been asked as you’ve been communicating this to the world around – the Universe.

image-2If you truly believe that you are entitled to a life of happiness, health, wealth, love, friendship, true expression, and peace of mind becoming aware of your own communication is the first step; in how you communicate with yourself, those around you, and the Universe; through your mind (conscious mind, the words you use, the thoughts you think, the feelings and emotions you experience), your body (your actions and results), and your spirit (your unconscious mind and your power centre of belief and achievement).

Living your dream life is a journey
of self-discovery and achievement!

© Barbara J. Cormack

© 2014 Barbara J. Cormack.  All Rights Reserved.