Last week I asked whether the light at the end of the tunnel was truly the light or the headlight of a train! Thursday saw our internet connection drop! No reason! No explanation! No internet!

The whole area had gone down and being at the end of the line we sometimes wonder if it is just us, but this time it wasn’t. As with all telephone companies, once a fault is reported, French Telecoms puts up a message saying when they expect the internet to return. 19:30 that evening! As you can imagine, all the engineers had gone home – so no internet that evening.

Friday morning saw me using my UK mobile to connect and do some work online – download emails – and … well I couldn’t move ahead with anything really. It suddenly made me realise that the work I’m doing is reliant on the internet, so really, as I did in Portugal, I need to get a French dongle!

Last week Robert wrote about being ‘sad’. After months of dreary, grey, miserable, drizzly skies … no internet … no way of working … I dropped! My energy levels went! My enthusiasm for living went! My motivation to do anything went! Procrastination set in!

During Friday it started to snow … lightly … gently … calmly … and the world started to feel a little brighter. It seems strange as the temperatures were dropping into the –C’s, but the snow made the world feel and look a lot brighter. By the evening the whole area was white!

By Sunday we were all feeling sad, low, down, depressed, … continual snow … snowed in … river rising … energy levels were as low as they have ever been. Communication non-existent.

Monday! The moon shone! The internet seemed to be returning – yes only seemed to be returning as I would get one thing done and then it was down again. Still snowing! It’s surprising how much snow can accumulate on the ground when it snows lightly for days. The sun peaked through! Suddenly the world had a light about it. The sun breaking through the snow clouds and through the snow, with the white terrain, suddenly showed us that there was still a light in the world.

By Tuesday we all felt that the light at the end of the tunnel was no longer the train that had rushed over us during the past few days, but with the sunshine on the gleaming snow; it truly is the light that we’ve been waiting all these months for.

© 2013 Barbara J. Cormack
First published under Cormack’s Capers in Magna Intuitum