After three years as Technical Editor for Magna Intuitum, I am moving onto new pastures.

As we move through circles of life, the impact of the decisions we take has an effect that may not be seen in the initial change of the existing or new circles. Some describe these as moving through your life in the same way that you would peal an onion, some think about these as moving through development phases, others see this as spiritual growth – how you want to describe it; every decsion we make in our lives has an effect on that life.

I am now a published author. I am now a book publisher. I am now a spiritual mentor and coach. I am still a coach. I am still a mentor. I am still an IT guru (in my fields). I am still an accountant. I am still a member of my family. I am still a best friend / close friend / friend / acquaintance / colleague / coach / mentor / motivator. I am involved in two or is it three new projects – more on these in future articles. Yes I have joined the statistics as a divorcee. Yes my working life has changed pace again. Yes those things that used to be important to me are no longer. Does this mean that I’ve changed everything in my life? NO!

I was talking to a friend yesterday on the phone who I had not spoken to in over a year. His first statement was ‘you feel a lot happier!’ We talked about this and agreed that it wasn’t particularly happiness but lightness.

I’ve changed from being someone who is driven to support, to give, to always say ‘yes’; with the recent change in my personal life I’ve learnt to allow myself to focus on me. This brought up the question one of my students asked me many years ago ‘does that mean I should become selfish?’ NO! My reply at the time was (and still is valid) ‘if you don’t focus on your life, who will?’

After many years of always being available, always being there to support, always being there to say ‘yes’; it’s taken me a huge life change to realise that I can still always be available, always be there to support, but I do not always have to say ‘yes’. Those ‘yes’s’ have a huge impact on our lives, especially when they are being said because you feel that the person asking (or telling) expects it.

This move will allow me to focus on the life I chose, support the decisions I’ve taken, starting with my new relationship (and Smudge), so I am leaving this role with Magna Intuitum with sadness but stepping into another new circle of the unknown.

© 2013 Barbara J. Cormack
First published under Cormack’s Capers in Magna Intuitum

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