Today I went swimming! A couple of weeks ago one of our neighbours phoned and asked me if I wanted to join her swimming regularly. After nearly 6 months of working 24×7 I took the afternoon off and went out to do something I love doing that involved no chores.

The comment was that the pool was a public pool ‘in a tent’. I got up this morning to an overcast day which included a hail storm, snow, sleet, and rain! In fact, everything that would suggest going swimming in a tent wasn’t a great idea.

After weeks of ups and downs when my project work wasn’t going well, just taken a few hours out today has really brought my spirits up again. In the position of knowing that the Universe will provide, but worrying about how and when has just added to the stress of the past few months. The challenge of taking time out made me really wonder if I could ‘afford’ to – both financially and from a time perspective.

My neighbour (S) arrived! I left the cats locked in the warmth and went out with my swimming bag. It felt very strange. We arrived at the public pool in one of our local spa towns. Went in and changed into our costumes. The changing rooms, showers and facilities are in a fabulous old building. The connection to the swimming pool was through a beautiful set of glass French doors out into this tent! With snow flurries outside, we walked through into the tent to the edge of the pool. It wasn’t too cold.

It was a 40m pool and thankfully as I climbed down the stairs into the water, it felt warm. S said ‘wow, it’s not as warm as it was on Saturday’ (when she last went swimming). We started swimming! We weren’t the only ones.

After swimming 1 kilometre, I got out of the pool. Now that was cold! Pulling my towel around me I hurried back into the changing room.

I got back home to find the cats queued up and waiting for their dinner! After so long of just sitting at my computer launching not one but two projects simultaneously – applying for jobs – and just looking for ways to earn a living, I suddenly felt as though it would all be ok.

Just those few hours of nothing. Of truly letting my mind count lengths as I swam up and down the pool. Of concentrating on my swimming. Gave me the space I really needed to clear my thoughts.

I was able to pick up my pc in the evening and work through a range of emails and system testing without feeling absolutely exhausted.

Here’s to swimming next week … probably in the snow again … in the tent!

© 2013 Barbara J. Cormack
First published under Cormack’s Capers in Magna Intuitum