The Spring Equinox (in the northern hemisphere) is a popular time for detoxing the mind, the body, and the sprint in time for the summer ahead; but what exactly is spirit and how can we develop it?

Tune into a stimulating conversation with Barbara and Dawn who host this monthly show.  In this show we will talk about how the importance of tapping into our spirit is revealed to us.

Originally aired on 
Saturday 2nd April, 2016 
@ 7am UK time

Coach Radio International

The equinox is an astronomical bi-annual event which has been celebrated for eons of time.  Simply put, the earth cycles around the sun and the equinox represents the moment when the sun crosses the equator and it is said that day and night are of equal length.  The two equinoxes in the year represent a spring equinox and an autumn equinox – one in March and one in September.  

The cycle of the earth around the sun, from a spiritual perspective, symbolises light, darkness, and death.  The spring equinox represents new beginnings, whereas the autumn equinox represents endings and (metaphorically speaking) death.  The way in which these are represented also relate to the natural cycle of nature, with spring bringing the new buds and autumn seeing the leaves change colour as the foliage goes into hibernation for winter.

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