Begin Anew is a Buddhist practice to help each person let go of past difficulties and move forward in a wholesome way that is liberating and healing:

As with all communication, this exercise will only work if and only if both people involved are willing to commit to this level of communication with each other.

Part 1 – one person talks about the positive characteristics of the other without exaggeration and flattery.

Part 2 – one person confesses their mistakes and regrets to the other person.

Part 3 – one person helps the other person to become aware of a situation that may be preoccupying them and making them less available.

Part 4 – one person talks about the times when they have felt hurt.

None of this conversation should be done in a calm way, never in an exaggerated, reproachful, accusatory, angry, upset, or desperate manner. The begin anew exercise is about healing the relationship, not about the hopelessness of the relationship, or of the breaking up of the relationship.

© 2016 Dawn Campbell AMC