Calling all Authors-In-Waiting

As well as my own writing, I also had the pleasure of contributing to four published co-authored books all centred around personal and business health and wellbeing.

Having enjoyed the learning process and discipline that comes from writing with co-authors, I’ve become an Editor and put together my own co-authored series of books called Dial a Guru.  The book title has been registered for copyright, I’ve secured the domain name and created a website where our profiles and work will be featured.

Guru means a ‘guide’ who brings ‘light’ to a situation while ‘awakening’ us to our true potential.  Therefore, my mission is to educate, entertain, encourage and empower others become their own Guru because there is no greater authority on you than you.

So, if you’re also interested in becoming a published writer and you have a subject you feel passionately about and or have specialist expertise to share with our readers; regardless of the subject, I want to hear from you.  Please take this great opportunity to raise your profile, build credibility, increase business, earn passive income (royalties) and reward clients with a quality gift to name but a few benefits of being published.

In the first instance please contact me and I will send you a contract, publishers writing guidelines, my own writing top tips and a schedule of the next book in the series.  Each book will contact 6-8 authors so there is plenty of opportunity to benefit and you may appear in more than one book if you have more than one specialist subject.

In the first instance please contact me.

ps You retain the copyright of everything you write through this series of books.

Dawn Campbell
Business and Personal Coaching CECI, MNMC, AMC
Master Coach & Mentor, Holistic Practitioner, Author, Editor