In this show we gave you the following outline on how to move from your Wheel of Life, through your Dream or Aspiration to creating your Goal.

  1. Use the Wheel of Life that relates to your specific area of your life.  Holistic Wholeness have provided you with a range of Wheels of Life.
  2. Follow the guidelines on how to use your Wheel of Life.
  3. Take each segment of your Wheel of Life and either in your journal or on a blank sheet of paper, write down:
    • the segment name
    • the current rating
    • your ideal rating
    • Write down everything you want to do in this segment to take you from your current rating to your ideal rating.
    • Prioritise this list.
  4. Once you have completed point 3 for each segment, you need to identify which areas of your life you want to work on first.  Which areas of your life need to be your priority.
  5. Take the segment that is your top priority to work on.
    • Using the priorities that you defined for this segment in step 3, convert the first one into a goal.
    • A goal is something that is very specific, that once you have achieved it you can measure your success against what you define now, that believe in, that you are passionate about, and that you really do want to achieve.

The full details of this exercise can be found in Barbara’s Creating Sustainable Change.  To learn more about using this took and how to work with the results, please contact Barbara.

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