Meditation is simply an opportunity for you to calm your mind, which in turn calms your body and your spirit (or unconscious mind).

The term meditation refers to a broad variety of practices that includes techniques designed to promote relaxation, build internal energy or life force, develop compassion, understand love, gain patience, generate generosity, benefit from gratitude and forgiveness.

The word meditation carries different meanings in different contexts, in different cultures, and for different people.  Meditation has been practiced since antiquity as a component of numerous religious traditions and beliefs, and generally involves an internal effort to self-regulate the mind in some way.  Most meditations teach you how to focus on a single point of concentration, while slowing your breathing, to clear your mind of the many thousands of thoughts that are going through it each minute.

Meditations can be used for many reasons from improving your health to analysing a problem, a state (anger, hatred, etc.), finding an answer to a problem, looking for the next step to achieving your goal, or just taking time out to relax your whole self in a holistic manner.

Meditations can be formal or informal, done in a sitting, lying down, or active manner.  Sometimes objects are used in a meditation – prayer beads, candles, etc.  Some meditations involve using a mantra – a statement or sound that is repeated throughout the meditation process.

The benefit of meditation is that it has a calming effect and directs your thoughts inwards until you reach a point of ‘being awake inside without being aware of anything other than awareness itself.’

As you come out of your meditation it can feel like you are waking up from a deep and restful sleep, even though you have been wide awake throughout the process.  Often people coming out of a beneficial meditation will feel more energised than when they started the meditation process.

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