Establishing The 22 Conditions of Health as practiced by natural hygienists / high raw vegan practitioners

  1. Good air. Polluted air is destructive of health and well-being.
  2. A comfortable body temperature. Uncomfortable temperatures drain Nerve Energy.
  3. Cleanliness. Most of us are adequately clean externally but not internally, which contributes to our discomforts, pains, and ailments.
  4. Pure water. Drink only distilled water.
  5. Sleep. Sleep is the condition under which the brain and nervous system regenerate a fund of Nerve Energy, heal tissues and make repairs, and re-balance the body chemistry.
  6. Raw fruits & vegetables, nuts & seeds. Only foods consonant with our biological adaptation must be eaten. When we eat foods that our dietetic character decrees, we’ll handle them efficiently and without problems. Most Americans are taught and most believe that “The Basic Four Food Groups” are required to furnish our needs. Of The Basic Four (meat/protein group, dairy group, grain group, and fruit and vegetable group), 3 are contrary to our dietary character and precipitate or aggravate all kinds of diseases from which we suffer. Just giving up these 3 toxic food groups and eating fruits and vegetables alone, in the uncooked state, is enough to help many people regain health.
  7. Sunshine & indirect sunlight. We should obtain at least an hour of sunshine on our bodies weekly.
  8. Regular exercise. At first, you may have to limit your exercise routines. But, vigorous, high exertion exercise is essential to high-level health. Activity is the foremost characteristic of life.
  9. Rest & relaxation. Like sleep, the body regenerates its Nerve Energy during rest and relaxation. They are essential after any kind of fatigue brought on by any kind of exertion: mental, emotional, physical.
  10. Play & recreation. These activities rejuvenate the spirit: both combine well with exercise.
  11. Mental & emotional poise, peace of mind, & self-assurance. These all derive from the foregoing “Essentials” and “The Requisites of Life” cited hereafter. Stressful conditions will disturb you less as your health and equilibrium improve.
  12. Pleasant environment. An ugly, distressing environment drains our spirits, and, therefore, our sense of well-being. Lovely and beautiful surroundings uplift us and contribute to health.
  13. A sense of belonging to a group. Humans are, by nature, social beings. We have a gregarious instinct. Being among pleasant, loving, joyful fellow beings or peers contributes to well-being.
  14. Self-mastery. This is a must if we are to competently cope with life’s ups and down, with the temptations and demands that face us.
  15. Security of life and its means. Insecurity leads to emotional stresses that rob us of well-being. We must have assurance that the necessities of life will be ours for reasonable efforts.
  16. Creative, useful work. No one wants to be a parasite or to be unproductive. Everyone thrives when their needs of life are met by their efforts.
  17. Inspiration, motivation, purpose & commitment in life. Having realistic goals to achieve and working towards them is health promoting.
  18. Instinct of reproduction.
  19. Satisfaction of the aesthetic senses. We thrive on beauty and are repelled by ugliness. We should stop to appreciate beauty when possible.
  20. Love & appreciation. We are exhilarated and exuberant when we are loved and appreciated. On the obverse side, we become depressed when others dislike and deprecate us, even if unjustifiably. These exalted feelings must be earned! To be appreciated most, you must genuinely appreciate others and make it known to them unmistakably by your words and actions.
  21. Interaction with peers about feelings, matters of intellectual moment, life’s affairs & life’s problems. While this is implicit in belonging to a social group, it needs to be highlighted.
  22. Self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance, and a sense of self-worth. Self-esteem means you have a good self-image because you’re equal to the demands life makes upon you.

© 2016 Dawn Campbell AMC