Your Wheel of Self = YOU! is used to represent a helicopter view of the segments of you in all areas of your life as they are today.  The segments are represented by the spokes of the wheel.  As you move through each phase of your life, you have more options in each segment and through the decisions you take (consciously or unconsciously) the segments will become more defined.

As we discussed in our radio show, Barbara and Dawn have defined all your YOU into the following segments:

  • Peace of Mind (forgiveness, gratitude, appreciation, respect, compassion, thinking healthy, thinking positive, self-nurturing, non-judgemental thoughts, etc.)
  • Spirit (‘me’ time, meditation, visualisation, etc.)
  • Physical Body (fitness, nutrition, fresh air, quality sleep, hydration, etc.)
  • Communication (teach other to treat you the way you want to be treated, self-talk, etc.)
  • Activities (fun, variety, etc.)
  • Environment (feng shui, etc.)
  • Freedom (financial independence, freedom of choice, etc.)
  • Actions (honouring your boundaries, being assertive instead of aggressive, goals, saying ‘no’, moving away from ‘toxic’ relationships, etc.)

Each segment will be made up of a number of specific elements for your YOU.

Click here to understand how to use your Wheel of Self = YOU!

Please be aware that this Wheel of Self = YOU is an example and that you will draw your own and fill in your own segments.

Once you have drawn your own Wheel of Self = YOU, enter onto it all your OWN areas that need your focus in your life as your life is today.  Don’t enter past areas or those areas that are not in your life today or future areas that you want to bring in.

To learn more about using the Wheel of Self = YOU, from creating your own, through ranking your own YOU, to understanding and working with your results, from creating your own, through ranking your own YOU, to understanding and working with your results, please contact Barbara.

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