Barbara was born in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). In the Federation days her parents moved to Nyasaland (now Malaŵi) where she grew up. She was educated in Malaŵi, South Africa, and the UK.

Following her schooling (Malaŵi and South Africa) Barbara spent a year in the UK at college. On her return to Malaŵi, she commenced her training as an accountant. Travel beckoned – she and a friend took the opportunity to plan their travels to Europe. For various reasons this found Barbara subsequently living and working in the UK. After reaching her goal to work in the City of London, Barbara changed careers and spent many years working as a financial software specialist in the IT world, giving Barbara the opportunity to travel extensively as part of her work. At the beginning of this century another career change saw Barbara qualifying as a coach, and moving into the world of Coaching. Barbara has spent her working live in various parts of the world – Africa, UK, Europe, USA, and Canada.

Coaching is a wonderful journey of self-discovery and achievement.

From an early age Barbara was very intuitive but with the move to the commercial world, initially in the UK and then across the various continents, Barbara stopped using her intuition at the same level. As part of her training as a coach this element of herself returned; and she now actively uses it in her every day life, with her clients, colleagues and friends.

In her work, Barbara combines her extensive background and experience with a keen insight into the demands of balancing the personal with the professional.

Barbara is the author of the book and course – Creating Sustainable Change. After many years of transition Barbara now has the ultimate ‘virtual working life’ – she is able to coach, train student coaches, carry out her IT projects, facilitate or mentor from anywhere in the world. After buying a house in 2008 on the island, in early 2010 Barbara moved to her dream destination – the island of Madeira, Portugal; which she calls her little piece of Africa in Europe.

Stop Dreaming, Start Achieving.

© 2010 Barbara J. Cormack
First published under Cormack’s Capers in Magna Intuitum