The Nyasa Partnership Limited is an expert coaching firm run by Barbara Cormack to achieve her mission; to take each person through their own wonderful journey of self-discovery and achievement. We profiled Barbara and gained an insight into her work in this area. 

The Nyasa Partnership Limited was founded in 2000 to allow Barbara, with like-minded professionals, to support people and businesses in their own personal, professional, and business development.

From an early age Barbara was very intuitive but with the move to the commercial world, initially in the UK and then across the various continents, Barbara stopped using her intuition at the same level. As part of her training as a coach this element of herself returned; and she now actively uses it in her everyday life, with her clients, colleagues and friends.

Having spent her life around the world, including Africa, UK, Europe, USA, and Canada; Barbara has a strong knowledge of international business practices and different cultures. Barbara’s experience has been gained while both living and working nationally and internationally, as well as through working in a wide range of industries – these include but is not exclusive to Retail, Distribution, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Property, Oil, Online Publications, Agriculture, Airports, Auditing, Banking, Telecommunications and Television.

“Coaching is not a therapy, counselling, psychotherapy or mentoring” Barbara explains. “A coach is a trained professional, who can help you draw out, learn and develop those abilities that have been dormant for too long. A coach will ask just the right questions, providing challenges and support, to assist you in a variety of ways. Mentoring allows each mentor to use our own knowledge and personally gained experience to help the clients.”

Born in Zimbabwe during the Federation; her parents moved to Malawi where she grew up. Her career started in the more traditional role of auditing and accounting. After reaching her goal to work in the City of London (where she was a financial analyst), Barbara changed careers and spent many years working as a financial software specialist in the IT world (implementations, business process engineering, consulting, project/programme management, mentoring, training, business project/programme management, blue sky product development), giving Barbara the opportunity to travel extensively as part of her work. At the beginning of this century another career change saw Barbara qualifying as a coach, and moving into the world of Coaching. Starting her own company allows Barbara to use all her knowledge and personally gained experience to support her clients using her coaching or mentoring; or to work with them to gain their own knowledge through one of her training courses. With a vast previous experience Barbara is uniquely place to provide coaching across a wide range of sectors. She talks us through how she came to expand The Nyasa Partnership Limited.

“In 2005 a student I was working with highlighted to me how much information I have gained through my careers, and asked me how I could share it with not only her, but also with others. It was enlightening and highlighted how much information we all collect as we progress through our own lives and our careers. Not only do I use that information as part of my services to my clients, which will be published a co-authored book in early 2017; but I also work with all my clients, students, and colleagues to demonstrate to them the value of their past personally gained experiences.”

Ultimately Barbara’s passion in life is to ensure that her clients, colleagues, family, and friends become the best they can in all aspects of their lives. She is an advocate of achieving in every arena of life. It is this reason that The Nyasa Partnership Limited offers you a wide range of products and services to achieve in every arena in your life through coaching, mentoring, and/or training.

Moving forward, Barbara’s plan is to continue to provide the very highest possible quality of service to her clients in an ever changing market.

“The Nyasa Partnership Limited is a business which works on an international basis. We are selective about the clients we work with, as we want to ensure that we can provide the best possible service to our client base; and is our continued focus in the future.”

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Company: The Nyasa Partnership Limited.
Name: Barbara J. Cormack MNMC AFC AFM CIAC
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Address: PO Box 582, Chatham, Kent ME4 9BY
Telephone: 020 8144 2067