United Kingdom, 2016 – Corporate Vision Magazine has awarded The Nyasa Partnership Limited ‘Best Business Leader in Spiritual Coaching 2016 – UK’ in the 2016 Businesswomen Awards.

Women represent around half of the global workforce and are a key contributor to the corporate world: despite this, these contributions are often overlooked.

As such, we have created the 2016 Businesswoman Awards which showcase the talent, dedication and hard work of the women who have changed the face of the business world.

The Nyasa Partnership Limited was founded in 2000 to allow Barbara, with like-minded professionals, to support people and businesses in their own personal, professional, and business development.

From an early age Founder Barbara Cormack was very intuitive but with the move to the commercial world, initially in the UK and then across the various continents, Barbara stopped using her intuition at the same level. As part of her training as a coach this element of herself returned; and she now actively uses it in her everyday life, with her clients, colleagues and friends. 

Emma Keen, Awards Co-ordinator, commented: “Women contribute a great deal to the business market, and it is truly an honour to be able to showcase the very best women from across the market and around the globe in this awards programme. I would like to wish congratulate The Nyasa Partnership Limited and wish them continued success moving forward.”

To learn more about these illustrious winners, and to find out the secrets behind their success, please visit http://www.corp-vis.com/.



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About The Nyasa Partnership Ltd

The Nyasa Partnership Limited is an expert coaching firm run by Barbara Cormack to achieve her mission; to take each person through their own wonderful journey of self-discovery and achievement. To find out more about the firm please visit their website: http://www.nyasa.biz/