As I’ve just received the press releases, I’m delighted to be able to announce two books that I’m co-authoring.

Breaking Free: Overcoming Self-Sabotage is a must-read for women internationally who are seeking new strategies for breaking free from limitations and embracing a new life filled with confidence and higher self-esteem.  My chapter is entitled ‘Unconscious Awareness’ which covers how our Mind, Body, and Spirit work in harmony together.  Dawn Campbell, a friend, coaching colleague and co-author discusses ‘Food: Our Secret Relationship’ which covers what is possibly one of the last taboos; disordered eating.  There are a number of other contributing authors from across the globe – Jamaica, Canada, France, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, China, India, the U.K., and the United States.

Getting Well: Mind, Body, Spirit is as co-authored by a range of wellness experts from the U.K., France, and the United States; with topics which include dealing with stress, benefits of self-care, nutritional healing, life after abuse, following your vision, the mind/body connection, coping with depression, invisible energies, and how to live a healthier life.  My chapter is entitled ‘Invisible Energies’ and covers the impact of the energies – visible or not – around us.

You may pre-order either book by clicking here and telling us which book or books you would like to order.