Along with a friend in the USA and one in UK, I am launching an innovative online service that helps aspiring authors get published – PenCraft Books ( I wanted to personally let you know of this endeavour before our international Press Release.

Are you an aspiring author or do you know any aspiring authors who might want to write a chapter in a book? OR become a published author?

One of the things that makes us different at PenCraft Books is that we are set up to support every writer/author throughout the process.

PenCraft Books co-authoring is looking for original works of writing in the form of motivational and learning resources for others who would like to follow your lead. We are looking for co-authors (aspiring and experienced) who would like to share their story and open up another stream of income.

Not only do PenCraft Books offer you an earning opportunity from your writing, but we also have a range of affiliate earning opportunities, for example anyone refers us 5 paid co-authors, will either be able to write a chapter of that book free or earn from each book sold. So forward this email to anyone you think maybe interested in writing and ask them to let me know you referred them.

Please feel free to forward email, or send these links to anyone you think would be interested in expressing themselves through their writing. Remember to ask them to tell us who referred them.

Any questions; just email me or contact the team through our contact us page.

Kindest regards,

Barbara J. Cormack (previously Barbara J. Dalpra) MNMC AFC CIAC
Stop Wishing, Start Achieving
partner in PenCraft Books, LLC.