Simultaneous release: United States, United Kingdom and France – noon, June 3rd, 2013.

Today, PenCraft Books, LLC announced the launch of the PCB Writers Edge — a new membership website to support writers, worldwide.  This is a site prepared by writers to support all writers to assist each writer become expert and effective writers no matter what type of writing – published authors, business writers, educational writers, or blog writers. Also included in the announcement is the appointment of two officers of the company who will guide the writer support program.  Barbara Cormack (France) and Robert Bonhag (US) will take on these responsibilities.

“Today more than ever, writers can help each other become better writers so that their messages can be shared with the world” said Barbara Cormack, Editor-in-Chief, PenCraft Books, “and the writer world is hungry for information and insights.”  The vision at PCB Writers Edge is to make it easier and more affordable for anyone involved in writing to learn from experienced writers, to gain new experiences, to join in the Writers Edge community, to share their experiences, and to use their writing to gain a wider audience throughout the world.  Some writers will find assistance from PCB Writers Edge to be instrumental in having their writing generate an additional income; business owners and entrepreneurs may find that PCB Writers Edge will enhance their marketing; employers may find that PCB Writers Edge will generate more favorable and easy-to-read reports; and educators may find that PCB Writers Edge will generate higher rated written essays, theses, and research materials.

The PCB Writers Edge vision and core purpose is to support each person improve his/her writing ability.  No matter what the writers background is (i.e., existing authors, entrepreneurs, business owners, parents, artists, etc) the PCB Writers Edge website will assist in two major ways through a) theme-based articles (themes change each month) and b) by providing a community of authors and writers who will provide insights.

Step-by-step PCB Writers Edge will take you through each stage of writing, from the ‘idea in your head’, to seeing your words in print’.  All of the services give you the opportunity to publish your ideas, thoughts, knowledge, or information in a professional, easy, and affordable manner.

PenCraft Books Writers Edge is the best kept secret in the industry, providing you with the support, quality, and professionalism to put your dream of writing into succeeding as a successful writer!  PenCraft Books Writers Edge offers a unique educational and support service to its writers.

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Barbara Cormack