After many days, weeks, months of research, conversations, discussions, frustrations and meetings, I’m delighted to be able to announce that PenCraft Books has launched!

PenCraft Books, LLC came about during 2012 when three like-minded small business owners came together in partnership to pool their skills and talents together to create a supporting book publishing organisation, and authorship education resource.

The three partners at PenCraft Books know what it’s like to have a dream!  A dream that feels as though it is just out of reach?  Well our dream is to turn you into a published author!

Their vision is to make it easier and more affordable for new, as well as experienced authors, to use publishing as a tool to share their message with the world, to generate an additional stream of income, and for business owners, entrepreneurs, in fact everyone to use books as a marketing tool.

The PenCraft Books, LLC vision and core purpose is to support each person; existing author, unpublished author, entrepreneur, business owner, parent at home, hobbyists, in their endeavors to become a published author.  A published author in any topic.

PenCraft Books, LLC offer three services.  Each of these is supported by the imPossible Series, which focuses on making what feels like the imPossible, Possible! making it possible for you to be a published author!  Step-by-step PenCraft Books will take you through each stage, from the ‘idea in your head’, to seeing your words in print! on paper and in digital format.

  • Co-authoring with PenCraft Books offers you the opportunity to join a team of like-minded authors to share your knowledge, experience, ideas, hints and tips.
  • imPossible Series both offers you the opportunity to learn, as well as to become an author under a specific subject heading.  The imPossible Series covers a huge range of topics from becoming an author to understanding how to promote your books to any topic you would like to write about.
  • publishing your own book – PenCraft Books offers you the opportunity to publish both fiction and non-fiction on paper and in digital format. 

All PenCraft Books services give you the opening to publish your ideas, thoughts, knowledge, or information in a professional, easy, and affordable manner.

The partners at PenCraft Books consider themselves the best kept secret in the industry, providing you with the support, quality and professionalism to put your dream of writing into succeeding as a published author!

  Barbara J. Cormack  (previously Barbara J. Dalpra)
partner in PenCraft Books, LLC
© 2012 Barbara J. Cormack