‘Power to Achieve’ with Andy Harrington

Discounted self-development tickets to a ‘Power to Achieve’ weekend – Heathrow

A colleague and close friend, Dawn Campbell, recently purchased a coaching package from Andy Harrington (a leading authority on the psychology of success, mentor and NLP master) that included mentoring, DVD’s, training, CD’s and tickets to his power to achieve weekends, all good stuff. 🙂

Dawn is sharing these tickets with you.  Tickets that will gain you access to his ‘Power to Achieve’ event he only holds just 4 times.  Watch this 7 min video clip to see exactly how delegate’s lives are changed for the better in every way possible http://londonseminar.co.uk/r/pta1.php

For those lucky enough to join in, you have a choice between

  1. Fri 11th – Sun 13th June 2010 (Renaissance Heathrow Hotel,LondonUK)
  2. Fri 1st – Sun 3rd Oct 2010 (venue TBC but probably as above)

Over these 2 ½ day sessions, we’ll be taken on a powerful journey.  To read the full schedule see http://londonseminar.co.uk/r/pta1.php.  We’ll also discover our own individual blocks and limitations that have held us back from the life we deserve.

Whichever area of your life you are seeking riches in be it better relationships, improved health, deeper spirituality, lots more money, or you want to start a business but lack the confidence to try, it could be any number of issues.

One thing for sure, based on the video testimonials, people who take action (and I mean get out of their comfort zone, off the sofa and away from their home distractions) are unstoppable after going to one of these Power to Achieve weekends!  They get help with being blocked, they deal with self-sabotage, they get clarity around their goals and they gain a whole heap of confidence to achieve what ever it is they desire!

If you too like the idea of being one of these confident, action orientated, empowered people, then start by booking a ticket with Dawn right now.

Tickets for this event are available on-line at £1,497 Inc VAT at http://londonseminar.co.uk/r/pta1.php.

But I don’t want you to pay that because I didn’t.  Dawn is offering to share her good fortune in getting a package with a few other people on a first come first served basis.   She is offering you a ticket to this life changing event for only £699 Inc VAT.

To find out more about the event or Andy Harrington visit http://londonseminar.co.uk/r/pta1.php or go to Dawn’s site www.dawncampbellholistichealth.eu

To purchase one of her discounted tickets contact dawn@holistichealthcoach.eu

Here’s to a more rewarding, richer, happier life for all of us 🙂