How do you keep your New Year’s Resolution?

As is tradition at this time of year you will make your New Year’s Resolutions, but will you keep them? Do you want to keep them?

You may be unaware, but a lot of people are using Life Coaches to make dramatic changes to their lives. Working with a Life Coach can help you keep those resolutions, be all that you want to be, and to live a more balanced and holistic life. People who want to get more out of their personal and business life would choose to work with a Life Coach in regular sessions.

You must be ready for that voyage of discovery. Coaching will take you through goal setting and strategic action planning, to the point where you realise that desired result. A Life Coach will, having encouraged you to set those goals, help you implement them and stay by your side until they are complete. A Life Coach is someone to whom you can talk through your thoughts, fears, ideas, and aspirations.

It is now recognised that the right coach can give you a major and competitive advantage. Studies have found that while training alone increases productivity by 22.4%, training plus coaching can increase productivity by 88%. Although a vast number of corporations recognise the value of coaching, it has now believed that by the year 2004 it will be as common to have a personal life coach as it is to have a personal fitness trainer.

Therefore if you want to keep your New Year’s Resolutions or live that dream, contact:

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