The Wheel of Life

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Helpless not Hopeless?

After writing last week’s article – Challenging!- I began to feel that I could deal with the emotions that were very close to the surface.  With some of the challenges that we are facing, it did bring a lot of things into perspective.  Each day is so precious!

“There are some advantages of […]

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Spiritual Growth!

Diana’s Cooper book ‘The Silent Stones’ – wow! I’ve read this trilogy before, but reading it again has highlighted that there are so many things that we should be aware of. As I say to all my clients and my students of coaching, ‘coaching is a wonderful journey of self-discovery and achievement’; but what do I mean? Really coaching is all about someone like myself helping you to become aware of what you are able to do in your own life. It’s all about awareness. ...
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Still reading Diana’s Cooper book ‘The Silent Stones’ there are a number of other sentences that resonated with me. One of which was ‘consequences are karma’. This comes from the thought that every soul is on a journey and that while on earth each person is accountable for their thoughts, their words, and their actions and that all of these have consequences. The people in the story talks about our karma and that it runs from lifetime to lifetime. …
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With 11.11.11 on Friday, I remember before I left the UK going to a seminar with Diana Cooper specifically focusing on 2012. Julie Burgess Wells has written a number of articles about 2012. I’m getting newsletters from various sources all talking about 2012. I have friends talking to me about their feelings in relation to 2012 – some are fearful, some are concerned, some are excited. ...
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Women in Business – profile of Barbara J. Cormack

Barbara Dalpra is a Life and Executive Coach – founder of The Nyasa Partnership Limited. She has over 20 years experience in working with individual people, teams of people, goals, aspirations, dreams, accounts, and IT systems.

Barbara started her career in a more traditional environment, working as an Assistant Auditor, Accountant, Financial Analyst, IT […]

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