Each day may I make a difference!

Isn’t this a great affirmation? As I live each day may I make a difference! I talked last week about being brought up in a third-world country; and for me life has always been about giving. When I last saw one of my closest friends (J), she asked me when I was going to start giving to myself! ...
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Spiritual Growth!

Diana’s Cooper book ‘The Silent Stones’ – wow! I’ve read this trilogy before, but reading it again has highlighted that there are so many things that we should be aware of. As I say to all my clients and my students of coaching, ‘coaching is a wonderful journey of self-discovery and achievement’; but what do I mean? Really coaching is all about someone like myself helping you to become aware of what you are able to do in your own life. It’s all about awareness. ...
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With 11.11.11 on Friday, I remember before I left the UK going to a seminar with Diana Cooper specifically focusing on 2012. Julie Burgess Wells has written a number of articles about 2012. I’m getting newsletters from various sources all talking about 2012. I have friends talking to me about their feelings in relation to 2012 – some are fearful, some are concerned, some are excited. ...
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