Take this time to clearly understand what is good in your current environment, relationships, work/career/business, social life, hobbies, and any other area that you are currently experiencing.

Take some time out to be very clear about what you and only you want to change in your future.

Now think about the reasons why you should not move.  Sounds like a strange suggestion, but getting absolutely clarity on why you want to move will truly make it happen.  Thinking about the reasons why you should not move will help you identify what you need to find in your future.

It is probably more important now than any of the writing in your journal that you’ve done to:

  • be specific about why you do not want to move – be specific about why you do not want to change your current life
  • know how you will measure finding these elements/areas in your future life
  • agreed / action-oriented – be absolutely clear on the actions you need to take to ensure that you keep in your future life what you do not want to leave behind from your current life
  • realistic – how easy will it be to keep what you do not want to leave behind?  If you have any concerns about one of your ‘why not’s’, then you need to include the research you need to do in your actions/tasks.
  • time framed – clearly document what your timescale is for each task/action, and what is your timescale for each decision you need to take?
  • exciting – looking at the ‘why not’s’ – do you still feel excited about your moving?  It is true that it we cannot live, dream, breathe, be engulfed by our goal, it probably won’t be achieved – so knowing that what you do not want to leave behind/lose won’t be – will help!
  • recorded – it’s important to capture your goal … write a sentence (preferably not a paragraph) about your what you want to keep when you emigrate.  This will allow you to focus – clearly focus.  Now write it on something or put it somewhere where you will see it regularly.

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