Really, truly understanding your own reasons for making this change will help you remain focused when going through the months and years of the actual process.

How do you get this absolute clarity?  The simple answer is to find a coach to work with, but honestly asking yourself the questions that you know you have to ask, will also help bring this clarity.

What is the impact of your decision on your immediate family?

If you have a partner/spouse who is moving with you, what do they think?  What is the reason that they want to make this change?

If you have children, what do they think?  Depending on their age(s), what do they think about leaving their extended family and their friends behind and go into a new experience?

What is the impact of their feelings and reasons on your reasons to move?

What is the impact of your decision on your extended family?

What are you moving away from?  This maybe one of the most important questions you ask yourself.  Sometimes this question will bring clarity on the reason or reasons you believe that the ‘grass is greener on the other side of the road – or in this world’!

What makes the answer to this question a really good reason to emigrate?

What are you moving towards?

What do you really, really want to get from this move?

What changes can you implement into your life today that will aleviate some of the reasons that are driving you to emigrate?

If you were to know, really, really know that your life will not change to the extent that you think it may, will you still move?

How will you feel when you’ve moved and you are still working as hard as you are today?

What do you need to know to have this absolute clarity?

What question(s) haven’t been asked in this blog that you still know that you’ve got to ask?  If you aren’t sure, but you know that there are – call me.  I’ll help you find them.

Starting a journal, or writing in your existing journal, clearly write down the reason or reasons that are driving you to emigrate.  Be:

  • specific – how will you measure that your move was a success
  • agreed / action-oriented – you’ve heard the phrase ‘if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail’.  When writing in your journal be clear about whether you have agreed to these reasons
  • realistic – looking at your reasons are they realistic? or are they just excuses?
  • time framed – what timeframe have put on your move?  The reasons that you’ve listed, do they support your timeframe?
  • exciting – looking back at what you’ve written down, does it make you feel excited about moving?  Write down what is exciting about the reasons that you want to move.
  • recorded – it’s important to capture this information in bullet form.  This will allow you to focus – clearly focus.

Want to make a success of your plans to move?
Want to work with someone who will not judge the reasons you want to make your move,
who will not guide you down a specific path?
You have this opportunity to work with a qualified and accredited coach who has done it!