Now you’ve made your mind up – you are going to emigrate!  It really doesn’t matter the reason that you are going to emigrate – be it for work, projects, new environment, grass looks greener on the other side – you’ve made your decision!

  1. Where are you looking?
  2. What type of environment are you looking for?
  3. What social life do you want?
  4. What are the impacts on your immediate family (those travelling with you)?
  5. Work – school!  What do you need to do to ensure that these requirements are met?
  6. How does this decision impact the family remaining behind?     How does this decision impact your relationship with the family remaining behind?
  7. What research do you still need to do?      When will you visit your country of destination to complete this research?
  8. Who do you now need to start to talk to?
  9. Who can help you make this move?
  10. Which action will you select to do first?       When will you complete this action?       Who do you need to discuss this with?  Who can help you?       How long will it take you to do?       When do you need to start?

It is probably more important now than any of the writing in your journal that you’ve done to:

  • be specific about what your answers.  It’s probably the right time to write in bullet point format rather than in paragraphs.
  • clearly document how you will measure the success of each of your actions
  • agreed / action-oriented – be absolutely clear on the actions you need to take to ensure that you keep on your select path
  • realistic – how easy will it be to keep on your path.  What will you do if you find that something stops you.
  • time framed – clearly document what your timescale is for each task/action, and what your timescale is for each decision you need to take.
  •  exciting – now that you have made your decision, how excited are you?  It is true that it we cannot live, dream, breathe, be engulfed by our goal, it probably won’t be achieved – so being clear about your decision is important.
  • recorded – it’s important to capture your goal … write a sentence (preferably not a paragraph) about your reason for selecting this destination.  This will allow you to focus – clearly focus.  Now write it on something or put it somewhere where you will see it regularly.

Want to make a success of your plans to move?
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who will not guide you down a specific path?
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