I sit here in the peace and quiet wondering what the next year will bring.

Brexit has for the past year and still is playing a large part of the indecision.  Without actually being a fly on the wall in all formal Brexit meetings, all I can do is read what is published in the UK and EU press.  Is it right?  Is it someone’s opinion?  Is it someone’s interpretation of what they have been told?  I don’t know.  All I do know is that this indecision is having an effect on people’s decisions.  Businesses moving!  Families splitting!  Long term residents rejected!  Incomes lost!  With us though … it’s the indecision.  We have a property in France.  We have a property in Scotland.  Because no-one can give us clarity, we don’t know what to do – can we be at our property in France?  As UK Citizens, will we need visas to return?  As others have done, should we be applying to be resident in France? but then what about returning to our property in Scotland?  Will we need visas to return to the UK?  INDECISION!

I was reading an article by Madisyn Taylor this morning – Being Aware is the First Step.  I agree with her.  I have always explained to my clients that it their awareness that allows them to make the right decision.  Madisyn explains that freedom comes from this awareness.  The freedom that comes is the opportunity to choose and make a decision.

Every step that you take on your pathway of Your Life takes you towards the conscious or unconscious dreams, aspirations, or goals that you have set.  Whether you have set this dream, aspiration, or goal consciously and are walking your way towards it; or whether its a dream that your unconscious mind is working towards; each step you take gives you opportunities, from which you can create a list of choices, and then make a decision.

Your pathway may not be a straight and direct path from where you are today, to achieving your dream, aspiration or goal.  It may be windy and it may have diversions.  And that is where I find myself – with an awareness that whatever decision I take may need to be diverted based on people who I have no input to or support from, making one or more decisions that have an impact on the decision I take today.

Raising my awareness needs to be my decision.  I need to work out how I can truly understand the political documents that will have an effect on how we live our lives.  It may sound sad, time consuming, confusing’ but if I do not raise my awareness of the impacts other people (who I have no control over) are having on my life, how can I make what this week would seem to be the right decision?

Awareness – in the uncertain times we live in today, I am aware that my life is not running on a straight path; but that the decisions other people (who I have no control over) have, are, and will be making will bring some windy stretches and even diversions.  Another year of indecision?