Last week we heard Theresa May blame the MP’s for Brexit, but I have to wonder … is it their fault?

Over this period of time we’ve learnt that the agreement with the EU27 has been created by a very small group of people, who have kept the information to themselves until … too late?

In 2016 71% of the population of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland voted to remain or leave the European Union.  From figures that have been released I understand that Northern Ireland and Scotland voted to remain, while Wales and England voted to leave; with the population of the England being the largest, the overall vote was 51.9% voted to leave and 48.1% voted to remain – a difference of 3.8% or 1,269,501 people voting to leave the European Union.

Theresa May is often heard to say that she is working on behalf of the ‘Will of the People’, but is she?

  • is she working on behalf of those who selected not to vote?
  • is she working on behalf of those who selected to remain in the EU?
  • and, while Theresa May says this, is she working on her own?

The answer to these questions are ‘NO’, but is it her fault?

She is the ‘boss’ and has a very small group of people working with her – the Cabinet; who in turn work within the Government; who in turn work with the House of Commons and the House of Lords; who in turn represent the population of the United Kingdom (Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England).  Where does the ‘buck’ stop?

In UK Company Law the ‘buck’ stops with those running the company – the Directors; but within those who run the country, where does the ‘buck’ stop?

As often is the case, there are still far too many unanswered questions, starting with:

  • why didn’t those who selected not to vote, make that decision?
  • what was the reason or reasons of those who selected to vote to leave?
  • was the ‘red bus’ advertising a deciding factor for many?
  • why did David Cameron step down and not take forward his responsibility?
  • why did Theresa May decide (on her own or with her very small group of people) that the decision was ‘to leave’ without really knowing the reasons?
  • if the reasons are known, why aren’t they made public?
  • why did Theresa May make the decision not to bring the Withdrawal Agreement to parliament as she was having conversations with the EU27?
  • why did Theresa May, feeling that she would lose the vote in the House of Commons, delay taking the details to the House of Commons until 2 1/4 months before deadline date?
  • what is the true financial situation of this decision? and what will this cost each tax payer?

Alberto Costa seems to be one of very few ‘representatives’ of the people who understand the challenges of individual people:

  • families who will not be allowed to live together
  • families who were allowed to have more than one property across the EU, now not being able to use their properties as they did
  • children whose father/mother may not be able to be part of the family as often during the year
  • people have already lost their income streams because of the current uncertainty
  • people don’t know if they will be allowed to live in the home they have created and been in for anything from 3 months to 38 years
  • medical cover for Citizens residing in a different country now being withdrawn
  • the impact on those people who have been outside the UK for over 15 years believing that they would get a vote ‘before the next election’ but not getting it
  • employees not being able to travel as extensively across the EU/UK as they were in the past
  • the British Citizens who have supported the UK Government incentives over the years, being left out

If the Good Friday Agreement sees the United Kingdom returning to Great Britain, as Northern Ireland remains in the EU and England, Scotland and Wales leave; why can’t Scotland (with the highest vote to remain) join Northern Ireland and remain in the EU?  After all there are parts of the United Kingdom and it’s overseas territories that are not part of the EU.

The latest petition to be set up on the Government Petitions website is to be ignored by Theresa May, Angela Leadsom and others.  Yet in the UK Democracy every 5 years the population is allowed to have their input into who is running the country.  Over the time of history this changes – Conservatives may be in power for one period … then Labour … then a coalition … and so it goes on.  The individual decisions of those who vote changes.  But Theresa May, as people are learning more and more about being within or without the EU, is saying NO! you cannot change your mind.  Why is this petition being ignored?  If the Conservatives took the question to the population in 2016, why can’t the population allowed to say whether they agree with or not the Withdrawal Agreement?

While I appreciate that the Withdrawal Agreement covers huge areas of legislation – VAT, duty, farming, fishing, imports, exports – and that we will probably never know the full details of the impact until the younger generators, who are paying for this withdrawal, come through to the other end.

For a country that painted the world map RED in it’s effort to create the Commonwealth, no-one has explained why the older generation voted to leave, while the younger generation voted to remain.  Yet that older generation is now relying on the younger generation to pay the bill and to pay their healthcare and pensions.

Whose fault is it? No-one’s and every-one’s.  Each British Citizen has a responsibility in the same way that each employee of a company has a responsibility.  At least though in company law those people taking the overall decision for the company remain responsible and accountable.

The overriding question is ‘what is ‘the Will of the People?’