Paperwork, red tape, bureaucracy … it’s unbelieveable how much paperwork the Financial Services industry in the UK can create!  It’s not surprising the fees are so high – computers, paper, staff!  Reems of paper later we had freed up the finance to be able to start!  Our frustration here was that we had started this process to allow us to start the re-build in January, 2009 … then it was February, 2009 … then into March, 2009 … finally we started on the 17th March, 2009!

Managing a build from another country is not easy!  There they were starting to rebuild and we couldn’t see it.

It really doesn’t matter how fabulous the building firm is that you are working with, not being there is frustrating.  I was very lucky – a friend and our architect were sending photographs, but it is not the same as standing there when they start.

There we were watching from the sidelines … taking phone calls … making decisions!  All this time being based back in the UK.  The only advantage we had was that knew we were flying back on the 15th April, 2009.

We followed this phase with interest .  We were due to arrive back in Madeira soon …

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