Over the past few months I have spent a few hours each day reading different peoples accounts and interpretations of Brexit!  Sad that may be, but as it has a personal affect on my life; it has become more and more mandatory in my every day waking time.

As expected I have come across people who have written using a ‘normal journalistic style’ reporting the facts; while others include their interpretation; others provide a more in-depth look at the situation; and others make a statement.  Marina Hyde is someone I’ve enjoyed reading.  While presenting the facts, she has started to create the outline of the ‘farce’ that this situation is.  I am looking forward to watching her interpretation in the cinema or on TV.

We really became aware of the impact when we decided to return to our property in the UK; having selected to spend winter in central France.  Reading one of the week-end papers, the article I was reading advised me to go and enter ‘pets’ in the UK Government website.  I did and was horrified.  Knowing that we had booked our trip, I found out that our Border Collie (although born in France with a French Pet Passport) may not be allowed to return to France?  Added to which our cat, who is on a UK Pet Passport, may find that his passport is not longer accepted?

I have already this week rambled on about Brexit, so I won’t ramble on again; but honestly!  Having read what we needed to do NOW, we put our plans into action; which has meant that I and our Border Collie will be remaining in the UK for an extra month, as my partner has to return to take our cat out of kennels.

But I digress … thankfully after feeling panicy about the situation, I turned to reading the next updates and Marina Hyde had us in fits of giggles.  Just what we needed.  Her latest article ‘Get set for Brexit: Indicative Day – the one where the Grand Wizards turn on each other‘ not only helped explain the latest position we find ourselves in, but also gave me a focus for the players.  So now I wait for ‘The Fellowship of the Ringpieces’ to find their way …

… and continue to not only understand the situation the UK Government has brought upon the UK, but delight in finding the different ways that people are expressing this situation.