The interesting thing about a wishlist is that it is personal.  There is no right wishlist and no wrong wishlist – the only wishlist is YOURS!

So we started capturing what we saw in the properties we were exploring.  What was it about that particular property that made us stop and look at it.  Sometimes it would be something I would relish in our new ‘home’ and other times it would be Richard’s wish.  We didn’t always agree! 🙂

Although we love Le Moulin Brule, looking at other properties made us realise what we didn’t have here.  What were we missing?  What could we have in our new property?  

Our wishlist came from different trains of thought:

  1. what did we really ‘need’?
  2. what did we really ‘want’?
  3. what were we missing?

It’s always important to start with the ‘need’ list.  Without this, no property would be satisfactory; but it wasn’t just about the property.  What about the environment?

Where we are now, in central France; we have to get into the car and drive for at least 10 minutes to get to a small, rural town with a small supermarket.  Anywhere more substantial and we had to drive for at least 30 minutes, or longer.

Now we were looking at properties, we were seeing different places that gave us a closeness i.e. on the outskirts of a medium size or larger town.

We did not restrict our wishlist … we just let it grow.

Occassionally we realised that something we had thought we wanted, we now didn’t … so it got crossed off.  This is important!

As ours did, your wishlist will come from both positive experiences and not so positive experiences.  When you look at your list and you see something that now says ‘no’ to you, or doesn’t feel right; it is important to cross it off your list.