Smudge had his second visit to the vet in five weeks. We brought out the cat box and put it in the middle of the floor … placed Smudge’s towel inside … and let him explore it. After deciding that it was preferable to sit on top of the cat box, my partner (R) put him inside and off they went to the vet.

Smudge has now been with us for just over five weeks. In that time we’ve watched him grow from strength to strength and develop his own little character. It’s so easy to get into just doing and being every day, but Smudge brings a lot of fun, laughter and time out into the house. He is truly finding out what it means to be a kitten.

Smudge is a chatty cat and apparently chatted all the way to the vet – he didn’t like being in the car at all. When they arrived at the vet, R put the cat box on the table and Smudge decided it was preferable to stay inside! R had to ‘encourage’ him to come out – well by the scruff of his neck. He only tried to half-heartedly bite the vet once. R told him off and then Smudge let the vet examine him.

Both R and the vet were delighted at how well he behaved. We can’t imagine what he has been through, with still only one eye working and a lot of oil trapped in his fur, he’s an incredible inspiration.

Meddy Bear published this wonderful photograph on Facebook of FEAR!

Smudge has chosen to Face Everything And Rise. The universe guided him to us, knowing that this is a home that would take him in and nurture him.

Next week we face another challenge – anaesthetic! A small operation and being chipped! At the same time the vet has said he will examine his eye in more detail. Then we will know if he has a chance to regain the sight or not.

We sit quietly in the evening and we watch Smudge! After the challenges and no doubt the fears he has faced; he always entertains us. He is very good about letting R put eye drops into his eye three times a day; but now once the last drops for the day have gone in, he looks at R, gets up and walks over to sit on my lap. We always laugh! His little character is showing through and in this his determination to be himself. We love the way he runs around. When we think back to the first time we saw him where he didn’t have the strength to climb the front stairs, now there is no holding him back … He doesn’t seem to be able to put down the back leg that was damaged but has perfected galloping on three legs!

Over the past week or so, Smudge has gradually been able to be in a room on his own. Although he still follows one or both of us around, if we are doing something in a room and he feels like being somewhere else – he’ll go. This trip to the vet really confirmed to us that he is now settling down with us. The confidence he has in R was clearly demonstrated during the visit to the vet.

So now it’s up to us to continue to support him in his quest to enjoy a happy, long and fulfilled life – Face Everything And Rise!

© 2012 Barbara J. Cormack
First published under Cormack’s Capers in Magna Intuitum