It is with sadness that I have to thank you all for your incredible support and understanding, as we’ve gone through this period.

Smudge lost his battle at 10.22am today with the Feline Leukeamia Virus.  He didn’t suffer and his last week was one of rushing around as though there was nothing wrong with him; being out in the sunshine in the garden he made his own; and spending his evenings getting loads of cuddles from us and our other cats.

Yesterday he sounded as though he had asthma!  His breathing was being challenged.  No where near to the extent that we had experienced a week ago last Friday!  We had a quiet day inside as the weather turned miserable and drizzly.  In the evening we sat and watched TV until bedtime.  Smudge’s breathing was settled.

I woke up this morning at 05:30am to find Smudge being ill.  We had experienced this just over a week ago before his blood transfusion.  It seemed that a lack of oxygen in his blood stream brought on a feeling of nausea.  His breathing very laboured.

I picked him up and we moved out of the bedroom into the library, where we settled quietly.  His breathing getting more laboured.  We had started to help him by massaging his lungs, which seemed to settle him.

In my last entry on September 29th, 2013 I said that it was one of the most difficult days of my life!  It was!  It was a day on which we had to make a decision about Smudge’s life!  Today he took that decision himself.

Within minutes before his death he seemed to start to struggle to breathe.  Lying in my lap, with the lack of oxygen in his blood stream, his heart stopped!  He didn’t suffer!

Yes it was a shock.  A huge shock!  Although we knew he was ill, the past week was so great for him that it became easy for us to believe that we had found a solution to the bone marrow challenge!

As one of my closest friends said when I let those supporting us know; ‘with our generosity of spirit we provided him with a fabulous family home life when he arrived at his lowest ebb’ over a year ago.  Looking back over the photographs we’ve taken over the past year … it seems that although he arrived being so very ill, he enjoyed his time with the family he selected to spend his time being a part of.

You are loved! You are missed!