As is tradition at this time of year you will make your New Year’s Resolutions, but will you keep them? Do you want to keep them? If so, read on ….

You may be unaware, but a lot of people are using Life and Executive Coaches to make dramatic changes to their lives – this includes keeping their New Year’sresolutions.

What is Life Coaching? It is a concept that started in the USA in the late 1980s and following on from the therapists and consultants it has now become the one-to-one Life or Executive Coach that will help you work through your personal and professional issues and goals. It is true to say that a Life Coach can help you achieve, earn and do more with your life. Working with a Life Coach can help you be all that you want to be and live a more balanced and holistic life.

Coaching started to provide assistance to those frenzied entrepreneurs and corporate executives whose lives seemed to be rocketing out of control. What started out as a corporate service has now become an invaluable tool for anyone wanting to get more out of their personal and business life.

People who want to get more out of their personal and business life would choose to work with a Life Coach in a weekly session. This session could be face-toface, on the telephone, or even by email.

Coaching is a powerful relationship between the coach and you. It does help if you are ready for that voyage of discovery, as Life Coaching will take you through goal setting and strategic action planning to the point where you realise that extraordinary result.

As more people become tired of the intensive lifestyle that they live, and become more interested in a higher quality of life, they are turning to Life Coaches for help in achieving their ultimate goal in a holistic and balanced lifestyle.

Whether you are an individual, corporate executive, project manager, or line manager working 60+ hours a week; a single parent trying to raise a family and hold down a job, or just someone who is tired of feeling stressed out and pressed for time, you have a choice about how to continue to live your life.

You can take this opportunity to step back, evaluate your priorities and make that conscious decision about your future. What would you like, your future to look like?

Just as you would go to the gym to improve the fitness levels of your body, you can now hire a Life Coach to improve the quality of your life. With their help you can start to live the life you have always wanted to live.

Why use a Life Coach to achieve that ultimate goal, or to live life as you have always wanted to? Why not use a member of your family, a colleague, or a partner? Quite simply it is the freedom with which you can speak to a qualified, professional and experience coach. Most of us have experienced the need to confide in or discuss with someone who really understands the challenges of the workplace, the family demands, the need for love and job satisfaction, and the importance of ‘my time’ or personal space. Therefore it is imperative that you select to talk to is someone to whom you can offload your thoughts, fears, ideas and aspirations.

It is now recognised that the right coach can give you, the professional, the executive, the business owner, or the individual a major and competitive advantage. It is estimated that over the last 10 years, more than a quarter of a million people in the USA have been coached. Studies have found that while training alone increases productivity by 22.4%, training plus coaching can increase productivity by 88% (as shown in a study carried out by the International Personal Management Association and published in Public Personnel Management).

Therefore, the value and success of Life Coaching has been seized upon by hundreds of corporation’s worldwide. These corporations all recognise the key differences between training and coaching. It has now been recognised that by the year 2004 it will be as common to have a personal life coach as it is to have a personal fitness trainer. This phenomenon is now here in the UK and any individual or business person or entrepreneur who wants to get ahead, or who wants to have a major and dramatic competitive edge will have their own personal coach.

Coaching contracts will vary. Generally you will need to work with a coach for between 6 and 12 months for a fee. This fee will cover the weekly sessions.

These sessions can be 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes long. It is important to understand that you will hire a coach because you simply want to improve your lifestyle – you want more money, time, happiness, success, freedom; or you want less of something (frustration, toleration, delays, or procrastination).

A Life Coach is trained to work with you on both business and personal goals. A Life Coach is different to a therapist – a therapist works on issues. A Life Coach will, having set those goals with you, help you implement them and stay by your side until they are complete.

This is your opportunity to keep your New Year’s Resolutions, work through your personal and professional issues and goals, be all that you want to be, and live a more balanced and holistic life.

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