Barbara Dalpra is a Life and Executive Coach – founder of The Nyasa Partnership Limited. She has over 20 years experience in working with individual people, teams of people, goals, aspirations, dreams, accounts, and IT systems.

Barbara started her career in a more traditional environment, working as an Assistant Auditor, Accountant, Financial Analyst, IT Consultant, and IT Project Manager, before moving into Life Coaching.

During Barbara’s working experience she has worked with, and coached, many people, both individually and in teams; and has designed and run personal development training courses.

Studies have found that while training alone increases your productivity by 22.4%, training plus coaching can increase your productivity by 88%.

Coaching is a powerful relationship between you and the coach. A Coach is someone to whom you can speak quite freely, talk through your thoughts, fears, ideas, and aspirations. It does help if you are ready for that voyage of discovery, as Life Coaching will take you through goal setting and strategic action planning to the point where you realise that extraordinary result – your dream, your goal!

Barbara J. Dalpra
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